At least one Ubisoft staffer out there thinks I have a nice ass. (It's not Jade... as far as I know.) That commendation was handed out during my cheeks-on time with the forthcoming Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party, as I virtually surfed a dead cow via the Wii Balance Board. After suffering through the rather mundane Wii-mote waggling "party" game pictured โ€” it involved four Rabbids in a whack-duel to the death armed with toilet plungers โ€” we plopped down on the balance board, controllers in hand.The butt steering mechanics worked pretty well, as we slalomed down a slight grade, leaning left and right to steer our livestock, occasionally jumping off ramps to pull off cattle tricks. These were simply two-handed jerks of the remote and nunchuk. It was good for a laugh. And if that's all you need from your Wii software, the next Rayman Raving Rabbids entry will probably fit the bill. The balance board isn't required, but will probably help make the fifty-ish mini-games feel that much more varied. The concept of yet another mini-game collection being hastily brought to the Wii may not light a fire under you, but at least Ubisoft is putting some effort into Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party's presentation. The television theme is well implemented via micro-games within mini-games based on commercial breaks. Wii waggling in short bursts with friends and family, should that be up your alley, looks to be well represented here. And we'll leave it at that.