Raw Deal Capcom Pre-Paid Credit Card Policy Changed

When Capcom announced its pre-paid Visa debit card, folks got excited. Then they saw that the card carried exorbitant fees and got angry. CheapAssGamer's goomba478 did what most would. He started complaining.


Goomba478 detailed all the charges the laundry list of add-on charges to use the card: "Pay to activate the card, pay to call customer service when their service isn't working properly, pay to use the card, pay to not use the card, pay to add money to the card, withdraw money from the card, transfer money to another card, pay money to your bills, pay when the card isn't working when it should be, pay if you decide to use your pin-code, pay to get a paper statement and many more."

Ouch. Previously, we posted about the fine print for the Capcom credit cards.

But there's a happy ending to this story! Days after goomba478's post went up, a representative from the bank behind the Capcom card contacted goomba. Some of the fees were either removed or revised. Read all the nitty gritty details in the link below.

CAG Blogger Complaints Help Change Capcom Unity Card Fees [CAG]

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