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Raven's Singularity Is Fit Like Time-Travelling Ox, Strong Like Time-Shifting Tractor

Announced briefy during yesterday's Activision presser, here's the first footage of Singularity, a new shooter from Raven that looks like it's going to be doing all sorts of impressive, puzzley things with the passage of time. Sort of like Link to the Past, only with less green grass, more rusty industrial stuff and what looks like a Soviet science experiment gone tits-up.


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Advice to anyone who reads before they watch (If that would happen) Turn your volume down.

I had my volume .. apparently louder than I thought and I about jumped outta my seat when it started playing.

Anyways, the video looked pretty, but that's about all I can say. Who was the enemy exactly? The only thing I understood was that something is unstable. (Assuming its time travel)