Rare - No Viva Piñata DLC, Maybe New Banjo Kazooie?

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Viva Piñata fans hoping to get an extra dose of paper animal wrangling after VP: Trouble In Paradise will be disappointed, according to a recent web chat with the developers. "We don't have any plans for DLC. As far as the team is concerned we are taking a break from VP for a while to make something new. But things change quickly in the software industry so next week it may be a completely different story" But what could this new game be? I spoke to Rare's Community Manager George Kelion, who said that the team were keen on a fresh challenge after spending so long cooped up with just sentient Piñatas for company. "With VP2 out the door and Banjo in its vinegar strokes, we're focusing on getting the Avatars all finished and done for the New Xbox Experience," said Kelion, "After that, it'll most likely be a mix of new projects and hopefully a Banjo sequel.. maybe? Fingers crossed, anyway!" Chatting in Paradise [Mondo Rare]


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Darth Tigris

Considering how Rare is internally viewing Banjo in these expressions, I got a funny feeling that it truly IS going to be a grand ole time with a controller. I'm still excited.