Rare Album Sells For Over $40,000 (Minecraft's Creator Bought It)

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Earlier this month, fans of British electronic musician Aphex Twin got a treat, with an entire album's worth of unreleased music salvaged and sent out following a successful Kickstarter campaign. The actual record, though, could only go to one person.


And that person was life-long Aphex Twin fan Markus Persson. The Minecraft creator won an online auction for the LP, parting with $46,300 for the rarity, the proceeds of which are being split between charity, the artist and his record label.


I wonder if he's a Wu-Tang fan as well...

The creator of 'Minecraft' was the mystery buyer of Aphex Twin's unreleased album
[The Verge]

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Apex twin is a total snooze fest. I'd bore him to death for half the price