Raphael Lacoste's Art Of Assassin's Creed

Lacoste has been at Ubisoft since the very first game, but this week announced his departure

Artist Raphael Lacoste has been at Ubisoft for 16 years, and in that time has managed to work on eight Assassin’s Creed games, from the very first one right through to the latest, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

He announced earlier today that he was leaving the company, the latest in a string of high profile departures not just from Ubisoft, but from the Assassin’s Creed teams in particular.

Given his involvement throughout the series, and the role he’s played in helping define the look and feel of the various worlds we’ve played through, I thought today would be as good a time as any to look back at his contributions to Assassin’s Creed over those 16 years, some of which we’ve looked at previously here on Fine Art, others which will be brand new to you.

You can see more of Lacoste’s work at his ArtStation page, and buy prints at his store.


Prime Directive

I always enjoyed AC visuals. I took some screenshots of vistas in Valhalla that could be mistaken for concept art, so the translation to game went really well.

Speaking of Valhalla, I don’t know if you’re interested Luke, but there’s a Kickstarter going right now for a physical version of the Orlog dice game that seems to be doing pretty damn well on its fundraising. I won’t link it (not that links work anyway) but you can search for it, it’s looking pretty good - if expensive.