If you've ever found yourself afflicted with hunger while leveling your cooking skill in World of Warcraft. Rock, Paper, Shotgun has a set of real-life WoW recipes that are sure to satisfy your otherworldly hunger. Beer Basted Boar Ribs, anyone?

Sure you can buy a World of Warcraft cookbook, but why waste valuable time and money, when recipes for such delicacies as Spice Bread and Smoked Desert Dumplings are right at your fingertips for free? Quintin Smith and his girlfriend have managed not only to translate popular WoW recipes into practical, real-life eats, they've done so in a way that has me scraping my teeth noisily against the picture of the Monster Omelet on my monitor.

I consider myself a hobby cook of sorts, so I've printed out all five and set them on a stack of printed-out recipes I'll never actually get around to making. The point here is that if I did make them, I'm sure they'd be delicious.

Anyone else suddenly very hungry?

Need Food Badly? Cooking With WoW! [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]