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Ragnarok Online Goes Offline for the iPhone

One thing about playing the adorable massively-multiplayer online game Ragnarok Online I could never stomach; all the damn Ragnarok Online players. Ragnarok Violet for iOS solves that nagging problem this Friday.


Ragnarok Violent is role-playing game for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad that allows players to explore Prontera, capital city of the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom, and its surrounding lands, hunting familiar monsters, collecting items with their in-game pets, and generally experiencing the charm of Ragnarok Online without having to worry about hordes of underage gamers and the accompanying horde of overage gamers pretending to be underage.

It sounds a little like heaven.

Gravity Interactive is releasing the game as a free app in iTunes on Friday (it's already out in Japan), free because the game also supports one of Ragnarok Online's most popular features, buying items and equipment with real money to use in-game. Only in Ragnarok Violet there'll be no one to show-off your expensive equipment to, so I fail to see the point.


Still, free is free, and this time the free comes without the annoying baggage.

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Man, I keep being dragged right back into RO. I won't play for months, and then I'll play it crazy for months. And I can think of a million different things I don't like about Ragnarok online. No solo bosses, strange map design in terms of levelling (a new person could go two maps east of Payon and be fine, but go one east and one south and be killed horribly), bosses don't scale at all with other monsters in the area, the leveling and item drop rates are atrocious, especially with the way levelling works). But it has a certain charm to it.

Also, we have a offline Ragnarok already.