There's a Rage blowout in the latest issue of Game Informer, revealing all kinds of details about id's upcoming shooter. Details that show it's not the kind of game you expect from the house of Doom.

The open-world game, which has you both shooting and racing cars, introduces a number of mechanics new to major id games, like levelling up your gear, improving your car and earning money. So far, so RPG.

There'll also be a gladiatorial arena where you can compete for cash, Oblivion-style, an engineering system that lets you build your own items and even car-to-car combat during the races.

So, yes, it looks like Rage will be taking id's shooter heritage and blowing it out into something players of a game like Fallout may be more accustomed to.


Rage Details: Crafting System, Regenerating Health, Designed for Controllers, Car Upgrades [Rage]