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Radio Station Sells Soul To Nintendo

Illustration for article titled Radio Station Sells Soul To Nintendo

Sydney radio station 2UE are one of the biggest radio stations in Australia. And a reasonably respected one to boot. So it's a little strange/sad to see that, for the next three weeks, the station have changed their name to 2U-Wii. GET IT. This isn't a throwaway joke, either; every logo and watermark on the station's website bears the new, temporary 2U-Wii logo. 2UE:

It’s not often that an opportunity like this comes along where a brand such as 2UE can totally embrace a promotional concept in this manner.


Can't have been cheap. Could have been a little more restrained, though. Guess subtlety is a dying art form. 2UE Becomes 2U Wii [2UE, via Go Nintendo]

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"reasonably respected to boot"...

Wasn't 2UE home to the likes of Alan Jones and John Laws?