"Interactive video game installation" Racer may not have the most creative name, but its implementation—part video game, part real world race—is delightfully inspired. This arcade game combines a sit-down cabinet, RC cars and "lots of cardboard" beautifully.

Conceived by Malte Jehmlich and taking inspiration from PlayStation series WipEout, Racer puts the player behind a remote wheel, taking control of an RC car with a camera mounted on top. That visual feed is relayed to an arcade cab, with basic info, like lap times, tracked by software and overlayed onscreen for a video game effect.

This "ongoing (if underfunded) project" is still apparently in its demo stages, but this virtual/reality mashup is cool as-is, right now.

Update: Sorry for the embedding denied tease. You'll have to head to Vimeo to watch.


Racer Demo 0.2 [Vimeo - thanks, Bargo!]