R4 Piracy Devices Banned In The UK

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A British high court has ruled against R4 companies Playables Limited and Wai Dat Chan. It is now illegal to import, advertise and sell R4 cartridges in the United Kingdom.

The R4 emulator carts are used to pirate Nintendo DS games.

According to website Develop, the court set a legal precedent by ruling the carts were illegal because they bypass the Nintendo DS's security measures in order to run games.


"Nintendo promotes and fosters game development and creativity, and strongly supports the game developers who legitimately create new and innovative applications," Nintendo said in a written statement. "Nintendo initiates these actions not only on its own behalf, but also on behalf of over 1,400 video game-development companies that depend on legitimate sales of games for their survival."

This is the second lawsuit Nintendo has won this month as the company successfully defeated the devices in the Dutch courts. Earlier this year, Nintendo won legal victories in Australia

Previously, Nintendo blamed piracy for a 50 percent sales drop in Europe.


In Japan, Nintendo has also been launching a lawsuit against the R4 devices. Currently, there is a court injunction against the R4 devices, but they continue to be sold.


Nintendo victory as R4 emulator is outlawed [Develop Thanks, Zelda did it!]

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I'm not too sure how the economic condition is in the Uk—- most likely residents have more expendable cash there than in other countries... but in places like Latin America and other not-so-high-income-countries- Pirating is possibly the only way that many people can enjoy games- especially when import tax and sales commission is so high.

For example: I have lived in Costa Rica a great portion of my life. The salary for a professional (college educated) is between $600 and $1200 at first. It could be more- but I'm writing about the general population... Original games here cost at least $90 new. Consoles cost at least $450... It is much easier to buy a $30/$40 cart that can hold as many games as the memory permits... or buy burnt games for $1.50 a pop than spend a weeks worth of food on an original game... If it is not this way- then how are people going to enjoy something as fun as gaming?

In my case- I've tried really hard not to pirate... but I have had some tough times with our company- and in the end- it's my last resort...

I believe companies should have an official distributor in each country and structure their prices depending on the population's medium salary. I bet it would work and they would still get a profit. Will it happen? I doubt it because most companies are too greedy... not because of the lack of gamers or console availability (There are at least 3 small game stores per town and big chains in most cities).