Quiz: Which Game Will Your Aunt Think You Wanted This Christmas?

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Hey sweetheart! It’s me, your aunt. I know it’s last minute but I wanted to get you a game for Christmas, because I know you love video games. Can you explain to me which one you want?


I know we don’t see each other much, but I do remember you like games! I don’t know anything about them, but you’re my little expert, aren’t you? Just explain to me what you want and I’m sure I’ll get the right thing.

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The Devil Drives a Mustang (Rotary Pending)

So I am a 35 year old man, and my aunts and uncles no longer give me gifts. However, this is a fine time to tell the story of when I was a child in December of 1991. My extremely devout and religious aunt actualy got me this:

Note the lack of the Nintendo Seal of approval. This was made by Wisodm Tree games, maker of unlicensed Nintendo games (so it had a lockout defeat mechanism on the cartridge) all featuring Christian content. Other standouts include such titles as:

  • Joshua: The Battle for Jericho
  • Bible Adventures
  • Bible Buffet
  • Sunday Funday
  • Spritual Warfare