Double Helix, who develop the sort of free-to-play Xbox One fighter Killer Instinct, have recently shared details regarding the game's next patch. Apart from a new character, it'll introduce way to punish folks who don't like to play fair.

In their notes, Double Helix calls their new system their "rage quit solution." Basically, what it does is it puts players who disconnect from matches early in a "Jail" pool, where they can only be matched against other players from the pool for a certain amount of time. Here's how it works:

- The first time your disconnect percentage goes above 15 percent you go to JAIL

- A 10 match minimum is required

- JAIL lasts for 24 hours. During this time you can only be matched against other JAIL members

- Each time you go to JAIL the amount of time increases by 24 hours (capped at 5 days – 120 hrs)

- While in JAIL your profile icon will be automatically changed to a custom JAIL icon to let you know you are in JAIL

- When your JAIL time is up, you go back into the public again (even if your disconnect percentage is back over 15%)

- However, when back in public, if you disconnect and you are still above 15 percentage you go directly back to JAIL

- For any match that sends you to JAIL, player will take a loss


So yeah, fairly thorough. Quitters shouldn't be much of a problem after this. If you wanna give the full patch notes a read, you can do so here.

1/30 Developer Notes [Double Helix Forums, via Destructoid]

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