Quantum Break's Live-Action Footage Isn't On The Disc

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Well, this is new.

Quantum Break, Remedy’s grand experiment fusing video games with serial television, has some video game parts and some live-action parts. The video game parts will come bundled on the game’s disc/download. The live-action TV episode parts, however, will have to be streamed to your PC or Xbox.


Remedy’s Greg Louden told Game Informer that the decision to do this was based on not just the file size of the videos, but the fact that there’d be so many videos required—the game has a branching storyline—that “When we figured out how big the data was, we had to backpedal and think of some good solutions and this made sense”.

That solution is going to be a killer for people with bandwidth caps on their internet usage. Xbox One users will at least have the option to download the videos to their HDD, but PC owners—remember, there’s a PC version now—won’t, because on PC the videos will run up to 4K in size.


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Indifferent Snowman.

This is just a load of excuses they’re using to push always online DRM, testing the waters on what the consumers are okay with and it’s stupid.
Hard drives are cheap, have less issues than internet based DRM. Also, if they just used sensible compression/video formats you can make it look great and not take up 4TB for no reason.
Or at the very least, offer the option to stream from their servers or play (with load times) off the disc.

Why do we keep coming full circle to “hey, maybe they’ll let us rob them of owning a game via always online”

No thank you. This crap should be plastered all over where ever they are selling it “Requires and Always On connection”because this kinda crap you have to worry and wonder in 5 years, will you be able to play what you ‘bought’.