Quake Live Gets Festive, Vixen-Filled For Holidays

Illustration for article titled Quake Live Gets Festive, Vixen-Filled For Holidays

Fans of Quake Live's brand of free web-based fragging can enjoy some Santa-style gib giving over the next few weeks, as the online shooter offers a Christmas-themed update in the form of a new map and new skins.


The "Silent Night" Capture the Flag arena—described as "a slightly re-worked version of an arena from Team Arena called 'Distant Screams'"—will get you a chance to settle your differences with rocket launchers, while everyone's dressed in Santa suits or slightly sluttier Vixen reindeer get ups. Of course, the whole thing is free, in the Quake Live way, so if this is your first time trying out the web based game, there's really no obligation. Play it or don't. See if I care!

Holiday Cheer [Official Site]



I'm checking this out just for the scenery. Thanks!