Qore Episode 07 Set Free For The Holidays

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PlayStation 3 owners who haven't seen the point of paying for a monthly magazine on their console will get a taste of what they're missing tomorrow as Sony releases Qore episode 07 for free.


The episode is being released free to all as a way of saying "Happy Holidays", and not at all geared towards getting more people to subscribe to the monthly release. No, no, no. The free episode includes features on Skate 2, a visit to Capcom to take a look at Bionic Commando and Flock, a look at Steam Punk culture with Codemasters' Damnation, an exclusive Killzone 2 theme and a new Qore game, Blast Qore.

Folks who have already signed up for a yearly subscription will be treated to an exclusive Flock demo to make up for everyone else getting the issue for free. Happy Holidays!


Qore Episode 07 is Coming… and it’s FREE! [PlayStation.Blog]

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yummy, Damnation info :D