When I finish playing one first-person shooter, there's always another one for me to choose from. The same is true when I finish racing games or when the alternate-universe version of me finishes playing games that include the words Shin, Megami and Tensei in the title.


But what's a man to play when he's finished his Portal stack of two first-person, patiently-played puzzle games? The pickings are slimmer than nosehairs. That's where, to extend this unfortunate metaphor, Q.U.B.E. may come in. It's a first-person puzzle game that's getting its latest showing at the indie area of the Penny Arcade Expo.

I shot a short video of the game in action, narration by Peter from Toxic Games. I like what I see, though I can't tell how far this gameplay idea can go. We'll find out within the next few months. The Toxic team is targeting late 2011 for a Steam release and next year for a console release, console makers wiling.


Enjoy the video. And look for more coverage of another PAX-showcased Portaly game, Quantum Conundrum on Kotaku soon.

(An aside: Should this game support the NES Power Glove? I think it should!)

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