For years our coverage of classic arcade game Q*Bert has been limited to hardcore players attempting to break longevity records. No normal person has time to play a game for 80 hours straight these days. That's what Q*Bert Rebooted is for.


Coming very soon (possibly tomorrow) to Steam and then mobile platforms, the new Q*Bert for Gonzo Games, GPC Games and Sony Pictures Television is actually two games in one. First, there's the arcade classic, faithfully recreated. If you really wanted to, you could play it for 80 hours.

And then there's Q*Bert Rebooted, which takes the classic block-painting gameplay and splits it into levels along a Candy Crush Saga style path, complete with pictures of your Facebook friends to track your progress.


Rather than play endlessly, each level of the new game consists of three playfields and a bonus stage. The goal remains the same — changing the color of all of the blocks. The enemies are familiar. It's the progression that's changed. Each stage features three stars to collect — one for completion, the next for speed and the final for score. Collecting stars allows players to travel further down the path. It's Q*Bert remade for today's mobile and social gamers, with gems to collect, characters to unlock and a definite path to follow.

It's not bad, especially for anyone whose gotten excited upon finding an old arcade cabinet in a bar somewhere only to dicover the repetitive experience doesn't quite hold up to your memories. Q*Bert Rebooted takes those memories, polishes them up and breaks them into bite-sized pieces for easy consumption.

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