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Puzzle Quest PS3 Infected With Plague

Illustration for article titled Puzzle Quest PS3 Infected With Plague

Oh good, another platform to play Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords on, but why pick up the PlayStation 3 version when you've already played it on the PSP, PS2, Nintendo DS, or Wii? Why because you get to be a bard. D3 Publisher has revealed that the PS3 version of Puzzle Quest will be bundled with the Revenge of the Plague Lord expansion pack that hit the Xbox Live Arcade version back in July, which adds a whole new adventure to the game along with four new classes - Bard, Rogue, Ranger, and Warlock. If you've not gotten a chance to play the update on the 360, I would highly suggest picking up the PS3 version and playing through again. The Bard in particular is an amazing class with some very interesting mechanics that ads a little more strategy to how you play the game. Puzzle Quest plus expansion for PS3 [Eurogamer]


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I played this on the DS and I couldn't imagien trying it without a touch screen.