Putting On 3DS Protective Film Is No Easy Task

About a week ago, I purchased the Key's Factory 3DS protective screen. I took it out of the packaging, which reads "Easy to apply", and after seeing the number of steps needed to appeal the screen, I promptly played my 3DS without it.


This video provides a walk-through of how the 3DS screen must be wiped down, how a sticker should then be used to removed excess dust and then how the thin film screen is actually applied.

There is also a walk-through for the Hori screen protector, which is equally mesmerizing.

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I had no problems playing then to my previous DSs but The same thing can't be said about t my PSP ones. I tried several times and several techniques and I always end up with air bubbles in them. I hope my 3DS will fair better, because the touchscreen is always super-punished. Hope this video helps showing off some ways to apply our friends the screen protectors.

PS: fixed video embend