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Putin Becomes "Gay Friendly" Figure Skater In Protest Game

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Thanks to his "anti-gay propaganda" laws, and stuff like the imprisonment of Pussy Riot members, now that the Winter Olympics are on it's the perfect time to play a game where Russian President/Dictator Vladimir Putin is a figure skater.


Made by Dutch indie developer Robin Ras, Putin's Olympic Game puts the tyrant in a pink tutu and a smirk, skating in front of rainbow flags, collecting teddy bears and trying to win the gold medal.

While I'm sure the point was to put Putin in a position he himself would find gross, he's not going to be the one seeing/playing this. Those who are will find a game that, while potentially funny on the same grounds, might not have thought this through. As reader TheOtherGuest notes:

While I find the Russian government's current treatment of homosexuals pretty despicable, I'm not sure a game that makes fun of both male figure-skaters and cross-dressers is really a great way to make a point. Trying to support one group of people by making others into a joke (Putin, cross-dressers, male figure-skaters) just doesn't seem quite right. I realize the latter two groups are often joked about, but there's a serious message to be made here that I think is being diminished by their inclusion. I'm sure there are much better ways to make a point, even in game form.


Maybe just a game about shirtless horse riding?

You can play the game here.

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