Disney's upcoming four-wheeler PURE is going to be packed to the brim with house, electronic and hip-hop music it looks like. The upcoming racer's soundtrack will include music from DJ Hyper, The Answer, Tapework and Blindside to name a few. Here's a partial track list for the game, due out on the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 later this year:The Answer - "Into the Gutter" Fred Baker -"Genius Touch" Jeff Beck -"Grease Monkey" Calyx & Teebee -"Dual Processed" Featuring MC Verse The Datsuns -" Maximum Heartbreak' and 'Sittin' Pretty" Diet Kong -"With Magic" Adam Freeland -" Spin Machine" The Futureheads -" Beginning of the Twist" DJ Hyper -"We Control" Midfield General -"On the Road" The Music -"Strength in Numbers" My Luminaries - "The Sound of Music" Noise Control -"Cities of Dreams' and 'Mud Bath" Pendulum -"Granite' and 'Showdown" Pop Levi -"Wannamama" Qemists -"Drop Audio' and 'Stomp Box" The Radishes -"Good Machine" Silvertone -"Try" The Subways -"Rock and Roll Queen" Tapeworm -"Getting Through" The Whigs -"Need You Need You" Zero DB -"Late in the Day' and 'Redline" Wolfmother -" Woman" We Are Scientists -"Inaction" Blindside - "For the Nation" "Music plays an integral part in action sports games and we wanted to provide the right background to complement the nonstop spectacular tricks and massive jumps in the game," said Jason Avent, game director at Black Rock Studio. "We feel that the songs we've included on the soundtrack are ideal to round out the adrenaline rush players will get while playing PURE." I've only been able to play around with a single map in the game, but so far I really like what I've seen. And I'm not the only one.


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