Puppy in the Hole

To: Ash From: Crecente Re: THANK GAWD! Good to hear your laptop is coming home. I bet they wanted it for another week so they could finish copying all of the porn you have stuffed onto your harddrive. :) So our puppy, LittleFoot, has picked up a strange habit. He likes to run and dive under things, like the couch or the dresser, and then growl and bark at me like he's some sort of monster. It's really odd and totally not scary. Maybe if his bark was a low enough pitch for adults to hear he'd be more successful at freaking me out. Ah puppies. What you missed: Clinton and Lieberman Praise ESRB's New Rating Summaries 7-Eleven Doesn't Get Street Dates - Lich King Version Mirror’s Edge Review: Leaps of Faith End in Splat Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades Trailer Not at All Grounded in Reality Rumor: Midway Chicago Hit With More Layoffs n-Space Co-founder, President Erick S. Dyke Dies

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