Punch-Out!! Gets One-Of-A-Kind Slam Man Control

The Wii version of Punch-Out!! does a decent enough implementation of shadow boxing controls, thanks to the Wii Remote and Nunchuk option. But what about when you really, really want to punch something?

Enter the Punch-Out!! compatible Slam Man, the boxing dummy designed for a workout that's been modified in the DIY way to work with an NES emulator. In theory, a cool concept, one that would have potentially interested me in looking for free Slam Mans on Craigslist. In reality however, it's a little less elegant than one might think, as the Slam Man has been modified with actual arcade buttons and switches for each control input that Little Mac is capable of.


The theory version may not be possible. But I'm guessing that there's some enterprising third party peripheral maker willing to throw its hat in the ring. Anyone? Mad Catz? Hello?

The Punchout Interactive Interface Improved [Instructables via MAKE]

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Wow, they should do something like that in arcades.