Psychonauts Meets Inception (And It Works)

Double Fine Productions' Psychonauts, the classic psychic adventure, when cut to ape Christopher Nolan's Inception scene-by-scene works shockingly well. Either consider this fan-made mash-up a dose of clever nostalgia or a reminder that, yes, you really should play some Psychonauts.


Thanks to Zak Canard for the tip!

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I know I'm a little odd, but I never really saw the appeal of the game. It was a little quirky, but eh.

There's a part of me that wonders if Tim Schafer's games really aren't as good as his fans proclaim. They don't sell well because, well, they only appeal to a small number of people.

It's the same for me and psychedelic trance. I'm a synesthete, so for me, psytrance is a sensory assault that I absolutely love, but most people I know can't stand stuff that's entirely electronic like that. They don't really feel it's human enough, where for me, nothing's more purely human. I'm in the minority, and while I'm sad that one of my favorite genres of music isn't as well loved, I understand we can't all have beneficial brain defects.