Psycho-pedia Is Like Wikipedia, Only For Psychonauts

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Remember that ominous "COMING SOON" scare we had with Psychonauts a few months back? Well it just came! While it wasn't, of course, a new Psychonauts game, it's probably the next best thing.


Double Fine have opened the Psycho-pedia, a comprehensive encyclopaedia of anything and everything to do with Psychonauts. Campers, mental worlds, game art, concept art, it's got the lot.


It's still a work-in-progress at the moment, but if that bothers you, give complaining about it a rest and contribute to the thing instead.

Psycho-Pedia [Double Fine, via Offworld]

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I'm glad that this is being made. There was an ass on Wikipedia that deleted probably 90% of all information about this game.

There's no real point to spend hundreds of hours writing articles on Wikipedia when someone can come along and delete everything in a matter of seconds, having the backing of drama queen administrators. Then the deleters get rewarded with 'barnstars' (stupid .gif medals) for their 'hard work' while the person that actually writes articles is told to eat shit and die. Gross.