PSPgo Cradle Review: Dock and Go

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You can't have hardware without having accessories. That's just the way gadgets work. The PSPgo, out now for hefty chunk of the year doesn't have a ton of choices yet, but some are intriguing.


Take for instance, The Cradle, a dock used to both charge your PSPgo and hold the portable while it is connected to your computer or television. How can you go wrong with something like that? Right? Right?

Design: The cradle for the PSPgo is a neat little bit of accessory that not only can be used to quickly and easily charge your PSPgo, but also lets you sync with your computer or connect to your television. When freed of any case, the PSPgo pops straight onto the cradle effortlessly. When not in use, the stand has a pretty low-profile, small footprint.


PSP AC Adaptor Support: Unlike just about everything else to do with the PSPgo, the cradle actually lets you use the AC adaptor that came with the PSP 1000, 2000 or 3000 to charge your PSPgo. Not a big deal if you never owned one of these, but pretty nice if you did.

No Included Cables: While there's a lot you can do with your Cradle, from synching to charging, all of them require you to already own or go out and purchase cables. That's a little annoying. It would have been nice if the thing came with a spare power cable that you could leave at home and connected to the cradle. I'd also love to see a, perhaps more expensive, version that comes with the AV cables you use to connect the cradle and PSPgo to your television.

I'm a big fan of charging stands for my electronics. I don't like screwing around with cables. I prefer to slap the device into something that holds it and go about my business. The cradle's design is exceptional in this case, but only if you don't have anything attached to your PSPgo. I tried using the cradle with the faux-leather go case, which is fairly skin tight, and it was a no go. That's a pretty big disappointment for me. If Sony can't plan ahead on their own accessories and ensure they will work together, can we expect outside companies too?

Ringing in at $30 or so, the cradle is probably a worthwhile investment for those of you who like charging stands and those who plan on using the PSPgo connected to your TV a lot.


The Cradle was developed by Playstation for the PSPgo. Retails for $29.99 USD. A unit was given to us by the publisher for reviewing purposes. Used the cradle over the course of a month or so.

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