PSP2 In Development, As Powerful As Xbox

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Eurogamer's Spanish outpost reckon they're in possession of some specs for an all-new PlayStation Portable, currently in the planning stages at Sony HQ. This isn't the PSPgo. It's a true successor to the PSP.


They claim that the new handheld could output games on the same level as the original Xbox, and is built around a newer version of Imagination Technology's PowerVR SGX543MP (which you can read up on here), which in its improved state would be a quad core chip. It's claimed this thing would be able to run Open GL 2.0 and, somehow, DirectX 10.

Sounds just a bit too good to be true to us, but then, who knows! All we want to know is if it has a second analogue stick...

Reached for comment, Sony would only say "we do not comment on rumour and speculation".

Exclusiva: Características gráficas de la PSP2 [Eurogamer Spain, via VG247]



So it's about as powerful as the Wii?