PSP Online Access: Shit Just Got Real

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Good news, fans of the internet. The PSP will be getting direct access to the PlayStation Store this fall, eliminating the need to travel through the tubes via your PlayStation 3 or PC to secure downloadable goodies for Sony's handheld. According to a report from IGN, a future firmware update will let PSP owners surf the store from the comfort of their toilets or local coffee houses, making theme-grabbing a breeze. Don't junk your PS3s yet, though, as Sony is also planning to introduce a new feature that will let you take your ad hoc-only PSP games online, simulating infrastructure mode by way of your PlayStation 3. That means select titles that were previously playable only locally will be playable with folks nationwide. Note that "select", because it looks like not every title will make the jump online via your PS3. Sony Boosts PSP Networking Capabilities [IGN]



I call 'bullshit' and/or 'shenanigans'.

Why would the ad-hoc networking emulation be for 'select' games? There's already free software out there to do just that! (Though I have never gotten it to work, thus my interest.)

How does simply re-routing network packets through the intarweb tubes suddenly get more complicated just because Sony is setting up to do it on a more native level?