Got your internet filing cabinet handy? File this between "dubious" and "unexpected". Maxconsole say that - according to a "Best Buy insider" - the new PSP-3000 model won't just feature a brighter screen and cleaner edges, it'll apparently let you plug in your DualShock 3 pad and use it to play games. It'll also allow the outputting of video to a TV via 480i, instead of the currently-mandated 480p. The DS3 thing, it sounds both sketchy and useless (unless more developers start taking remote play a lot more seriously), but the 480i thing might be good news if you're some kind of...uh...a...travelling salesman (?), dependant on your PSP for entertainment (??), and often find yourself in cheap hotels with old, crummy, composite-only TV sets. Insider says PSP 3000 will be able to play games with PS3 controller [Maxconsole]