PSN Will Have "Competitive Edge"

PSN vs. Xbox Live, FIGHT! While Microsoft clearly had the jumpstart with online, Sony is slowly but surely coming into its own. While it's still early, developer Richard Lemarchand from Sony-owned Naughty Dog believes PSN will have an edge that XBL won't:

I think there's going to be other things coming down the pipe that's going to give PSN as a whole a competitive edge... What I will say is as a games designer I'm very excited about net connectivity. I really like how Sony is thinking a little bit outside the box in terms of gamers as modern media consumers. With things like LittleBigPlanet looking towards consumer-generated content and with games like flOw and flOwer — which are art games — Sony is really looking to expand games as culture in the same way that pop music, literature and fine art are culture.


Well, what did you expect him to say? Naughty Dog Q&A [IGN via Shacknews]

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