Right now, at least. But are things looking up for 2011?

According to Sony Computer Entertainment boss Kaz Hirai (via Reuters), the PS3's online service, the PlayStation Network, is losing money. Next year, however, Sony is looking to finally turn the PSN into a cash cow.


"We're shooting to get the PSN in the black in 2011," said Hirai.

The PS3's PSN is a free service with over 60 million registered accounts that offers a whole range of digital content to be downloaded and purchased. This past summer, Sony launched a premium version of the PSN called "PlayStation Plus", which offers players exclusive content.

This past year PSN sales almost doubled, so Sony's is expecting the momentum to keep on keeping on next year and beyond. And if that doesn't happen in 2011, there's always 2012! And if that doesn't happen, there's...

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