PSN Is Still Having Problems

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Four days after an apparent denial of service attack knocked out the PlayStation Network for all of Christmas, and in the wake of a weekend during which things appeared to be working OK for most people, Sony's online service is still unstable.


About half an hour ago, we started seeing a spike of people reporting that PSN had suddenly gone down for them. Here at Kotaku HQ, we were unable to connect for a while, but right now we're online. Other remote members of the team were also able to log into the PlayStation Network without problems.

But we don't appear to be in the clear just yet, which is a serious problem given that people are paying monthly for Sony's online service—a service that's required in order to play multiplayer games on the PlayStation 4.


Over on the PlayStation website—where Sony is offering a potential hotfix that might help you connect if you've been knocked offline—the folks behind PSN say connectivity is "intermittent." But a quick search on Twitter reveals dozens upon dozens of people saying they can't connect at the moment. Here's hoping Sony can fix things for those of us who want to get in a Crota raid before the reset tomorrow.

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Pffft, I guess I am playing Mario Kart instead of GTA Online tonight...