PS3 "Trophies" On Their Way?

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Sony have updated their own PixelJunk Eden website with a fact sheet. Why do we care? Well, for one, it's PixelJunk, so we care. But we care more about this: listed under "key features" for the game is "Trophy Support". What the hell are "trophies"? There's been a rumour doing the rounds this week that they're a form of achievements for the PS3, small 2D trophy images that are displayed somewhere on the XMB. We've heard about PS3 "Trophies" since last year. Imagine we'll hear more about them this year, too.
PixelJunk Eden [Sony, via NeoGAF]



Luke Plunkett

@LittleBigPlaneteer: No, these are different. Those are for Home, these are for the XMB.