PS3 Slimpocalypse Countdown: More PS3 Sell-Outs In Japan

PS3 inventory in Japan continues to dry up. As we posted late last week, certain retailers no longer are carrying the console in stock. They're sold out.


The issue seems to be more wide spread than intially thought. Granted, it's impossible to account for every store in the country, but, according to Japan's Akiba Blog, numerous retailers in Tokyo are sold out. Those retailers include Sofmap, Messe Sanoh, Lammtarra, Ishimaru, Media Land and AsoBitCity.

According to one retail staffer, "It's been over two weeks and we still haven't gotten any new stock. It's summer vacation, and there's nothing in inventory."

The rumor is that Sony will be unveiling a new PS3 model at the Games Convention in Germany and the decision to take the 80GB off the market in Japan is to make room for that new model.

「今、都内ではPS3本体が売り切れらしい」 たしかに品薄だった [アキバBlog]

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