PS3 Sales Reach Weekly All Time High

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Sony saw swift PlayStation 3 sales over Black Friday and the holiday weekend. The home console racked up big numbers, reaching an all time high for the the system, selling 440,000 units.


"The 2009 holiday season got off to an amazing start for PlayStation, with all key retailers showing a significant increase for PS3, PSP and key holiday titles over Black Friday and the holiday weekend," Sony told Kotaku in a written statement. "In today's economy, consumers are drawn to items that offer the most value for their money, making the PS3 an ideal choice for those who want a comprehensive gaming and entertainment system all in one package."

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Huh. Usually, Sony's releases are so full of bullshit their eyes are brown.

This time, it's actually well-modulated, non-flamebait, and entirely correct. The PS3 at this price is a great machine that does almost everything a user could want.

Except play PS2 games, I suppose.

And stream hulu directly to the browser. But at least there's a workaround for that.

I for one have ditched cable TV because the PS3 has allowed me to stream netflix and hulu (via PlayOn), while I can still get broadcast HD over the air and HD movies via blu-ray. We've only missed one or two key cable shows in my household, and the extra $80 a month more than makes up for them.