PS3 Owners, You're Getting Skyrim DLC. Eventually. One Day.

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While Xbox 360 and PC owners are getting excited for Skyrim's second piece of major DLC, PS3 owners are still waiting to get their hands on the first. So they're understandably a little curious as to why the hell that is.

Taking to Twitter, PS3 owners have been asking Bethesda's Pete Hines for info and status updates, and Hines, while avoiding specifics, has been answering.



So that's...something, right? I'm sure what he could say is "hey, the PS3 version of this game has serious problems and that's making this DLC really hard", but I doubt that would fly.


Bethesda insists Hearthfire development has not caused Dawnguard PS3 delay [Eurogamer]

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Hmm, I haven't even beaten that game yet. I know I'd sink some mad hours into that game if I pick it back up but that in itself is keeping me away, weird right? lol

As for the DLC, this whole timed exclusive thing kinda bastardizes your player base. For a quick kick in cash, you choose to intentionally piss off a good portion of your customers. Lucky for me, I'm not jonesin' for some Skyrim right now. Hope Bethesda can fix what ails their PS3 code by the time I want to dive back in