Sony, as a company, are not in good shape. Global financial crisis will do that to a company. But hey, least it's not the gaming division's fault! While the company as a whole has seen profits drop by an incredible 90%, sales are up (for the most part) across Sony's gaming hardware range, with the PS3 selling 2.43 million consoles over the past three months (Q2FY08), which is nearly twice as many as it sold during the same period last year. PSP sales were also up, 3.18 million handhelds sold during Q2 as opposed to 2.58 in for the second quarter of FY2007. The PS2, however, continued its slow, slow march into oblivion, with sales of 2.5 million consoles down from 3.28 million in the corresponding period last year (though, surprisingly, it still outsold the PS3). Software sales were also down for both the PS2 and PSP, with the only increase in game sales coming from the PS3, which doubled the number of games sold, 21.1 million sold vs 10.4 million sold.


Despite those losses, the division's sales increased, from ¥243.4 billion to ¥268.5 billion, thanks in large part to cheaper PS3s (less money spent making them means more money made selling them) and increased PSP sales. Overall, though, they still made a loss, ¥39.5 billion going down the drain compared to ¥96.7 billion this time last year.