Sony has mentioned the PS3 will have a ten year life-span over and over again. The company is backing the console for the long haul. Sony has stated that's why the console uses new technology like Blu-ray. Shouldn't that mean Blu-ray will have a long shelf life? No, says a Samsung UK exec. (Samsung backed the format during the console war.) Says Andy Griffiths, director of consumer electronics at Samsung UK:

I think it [Blu-ray] has 5 years left, I certainly wouldn't give it 10.

That's not to say Samsung doesn't think the format will do well — but rather, that it won't have legs. Griffiths added that Blu-ray is "going to be huge... We are heavily back-ordered at the moment. Griffiths doesn't go into great depth into what he thinks will bring Blu-ray down. Samsung: "Blu-ray has 5 years left" [Pocket-lint via Gizmodo]