PS3 Greatest Hits Get A Facelift

Illustration for article titled PS3 Greatest Hits Get A Facelift

Like the console's appearance, logo and full-price game boxes, the PS3's line of budget titles - the Greatest Hits range - has also had a bit of a face-lift recently.


It's nothing drastic, but those long put off by the "cheap" appearance of the line on both the PS2 and (til now) PS3 should appreciate the classier design.

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Komrade Kayce

That actually looks... nice-er?

I shouldn't really have an opinion, since anything in a greatest/platinum hits case is a complete and 100 percent pass from me, every time.

I can't have a shelf of regular games and then this bright red glaring 'error' or this grey case with the original artwork shrunk 33 percent and framed in the middle.

The only exceptions to the rule are Lost Planet Colonies and Fable: TLC. #ps3