PS3 Breeding Game Getting Sequel

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Record of Agarest War, released in 2007, is a PS3 breeding RPG. And breeding means doing it — and what did that mean?

Not that much. Anyway, the game has a "Soul Breed" system in which players must capture the heart of the game's heroines so that they can create their successor. When this happens, there is a "special" movie that's shown. Afterwards the new successor is revealed and his stats are even based on the heroine you select for breeding.


The game is getting a sequel, Record of Agarest War ZERO, which is out this June. It's set a thousand years before the previous title. As with the previous title, there's an in-game DNA mechanism. The "Soul Blend System" mixes character trends and features when producing off-spring.

Seventy percent of the game has been developed reports Famitsu. There's banana eating and cat ears.

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Just so you know Japan: No sane girl eats a banana like the violethaired girl.

You eat a banana by chewing on it, not gagging on it.