PS3 and PSP Versions of Japanese Adult Game Canned

First released on the PC in 2008, Fortune Arterial is an 18-years-old-and-up visual novel. There's been anime and manga versions, and there was supposed to be a PS3 and PSP port. Supposed to be.

The game's PS3 and PSP versions, which would not have been adults only, have been cancelled. Visual novel studio August is apologizing for the cancellations, chalking it up to various matters.


There were a rash of Japanese game cancellations earlier this year, related to the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. The Fortune Arterial cancellations does not appear to be related; however, August isn't yet offering specifics. The studio, though, is working on a new title.

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PS3用ソフト『フォーチュンアテリアル-赤い約束-』 [August]

(Top photo: TV Tokyo)

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