PS2 Price Stays The Same For The UK

While the price of the PlayStation 2 is officially dropping in the U.S. and Europe, the price remains the same in the United Kingdom.

Starting tomorrow, the price of the PlayStation 2 in the states drops to $99. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has released a statement saying that the European price will be dropping to EUR 99. That leaves our friends in the UK, who according to a statement issued to Eurogamer, won't be seeing a price cut whatsoever, remaining at its GPB 99 price point.


This is more than likely due to the voliatile state of the British Pound, which caused Nintendo to raise the trade price of the Wii console earlier this month.

Sorry, United Kingdom. You all can come over here and borrow our price cut if you'd like.


No PlayStation 2 price cut for the UK News [Eurogamer]

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