During his run on Jeopardy, where Jacob both thrilled and frustrated fans by jumping around categories looking for Daily Doubles and then betting so much money that no one could overtake him, Jacob earned over $150,000 and also won the $250,000 grand prize during the Tournament of Champions. To him, $20,000 might not be all that much money, but as he wrote in his tweet, he still wants HQ to “honor their jackpots.”


“I am getting a lot of interview requests,” Jacob said in a follow up tweet. “I would honestly rather just get paid and not have to do any of them. Please make this right HQ Trivia.”

Kotaku reached out to both Jacob and HQ, and neither responded in time for publication.


A post about Jacob’s situation is one of the highest upvoted on the HQ subreddit and filled with similar stories about being unable to cash out. It’s also one of the few posts to break over a hundred upvotes on the subreddit. (The other three posts that reached over a hundred upvotes are about not liking the upcoming subscription model, missing Scott Rogowsky or a screencap of Scott Rogowsky talking shit about the company.)

There’s still a chance that Jacob could get paid, or even that HQ’s subscription model could turn things around, but it seems like the audience for HQ is ready to move on. Good news for people who schedule events for bars and community centers—as long as you deliver on your prizes, there are thousands of people who desperately need a trivia fix.