Prope's Penguin Game Is "Let's Tap"

At today's Nintendo press conference, the game that former Sonic developer Yuji Naka is making was shown. Dubbed Let's Tap, there are some screenshots, and it looks like a bunch of mini-games. Apparently mini-games that a penguin can even play. Guess we'll find out more. All in good time, all in good time. Let's Tap [SEGA]


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All in good time?

So... does that mean this is the tip of the iceberg? ;)

More mini-games on Wii huh? Oh well, it's to be expected these days. Variety on Wii is so biPOLAR. Mini-game games can be fun once in a while. It HAS been a while since Wario Ware. Maybe we all need a new one. The website has some snazzy music. Do I hear Microsoft Sam?