Project Natal Launching This Holiday Season

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It's always been strongly hinted at, but today at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Microsoft's Robbie Bach has confirmed it: Project Natal will be out this "holiday season".


Nothing more specific than that was offered, but we take "holiday season" to be "November". Guess the motion-sensing peripheral's other important aspects - namely its price, included games and final name (remember, "Project Natal" is just a working title) - will have to wait for E3.


Regardless if this is a failure or not at least its moving tech in the right direction. I think everyone is over thinking it. Yes, maybe for some it's a controller replacement but it's real strength is going to be in using motion as a second controller. For example being able to lean around corners or slight head turns moving the camera while still being able to strafe.. How about being able to kick or jump by just moving your legs while sitting. Taking one hand off the controller to manipulate the environment quickly or just throwing your hands for melee.

Driving..head turns to change site.. Rockband.. moves that can start multipliers instead of having to tilt the guitar precisely or drummers able to pump up the crowd by raising one stick and still playing..

NATAL may have some problems but it's more important to look beyond the controller.

Yes some of you may want to sit like slugs and not do anything except sit there but I think there are more people who would rather have more interactivity with the game world. I think you can have it both ways.