Who are those five Pokemon? Let's ask Professor Augustine Sycamore, the latest in a long line of tree-named Professors, making his debut in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y this October. Hit the jump for new gym leaders, Team Flare, and an all-new gameplay vid.

He speaks for the trees, the good Professor Sycamore, the mentor who will give us a choice of three pocket monsters and then send us off to explore the Kalos region, regardless of the dangerous obstacles in our way. Will we be beaten by Grant, the new outdoorsy gym leader? Shot in the face by Clement, the gym leader of science? Will the new Team Flare finally figure out that stealing Pokemon isn't as effective as explosives?

The only thing between us and certain doom is these five new monstrous friends.


There's the panda-like Pangoro, evolution of Oancham. He's my favorite. Then there's Inkay, the dark/psychic type with a funny helmet. He's my favorite. Malamar is also dark and psychic, which makes sense as he's the evolution of Inkay. Not my favorite. Fairy-type Swirlix is a puffball with a tail. Definitely my favorite. And Spritzee just sucks.

You can find out more about my new favorites and more over at PokemonXY.com, but first watch this.