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Professor Layton As An 8-Bit Game

Level-5's puzzle franchise Professor Layton series are not 8-bit NES games. They have many more bits and are on the Nintendo DS.

Let's say, for snots and giggles, that Professor Layton was a NES. What would it look like? Perhaps, just perhaps, it would look something like this.


8-bit Professor Layton theme by Nonsak. I feel... [Tiny Cartridge via Infendo]

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(DEAD) Goldwings - Remembered for his bravery and heroism... xD

8-bit Layton music... FTW

Personally though, I wouldn't buy it even if it was real because after playing the ones today I find that what keeps me entertained is not only the puzzles, but the art style and overall atmospheric charm.

A black background with a picture and a small text box doesn't cut it out for me.