Professional Fashion Photographer Now Taking Snaps In Animal Crossing

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Under normal circumstances, Jessica Kobeissi is a professional photographer who spends her time shooting agency models in glamorous settings. But these are not normal circumstances, and so for the next little while, Jessica is taking photos in Animal Crossing instead.

In this video posted to her YouTube channel, Jessica shows how Animal Crossing’s photo mode, along with some stuff like the game’s lighting (especially the different lighting modes inside player’s homes), can be used to let her employ many of the same techniques she does in her day job, only now they’re Animal Crossing.

We’re all finding our ways to cope with stuff at the moment, especially those of us who can no longer do our jobs like we used to. Thank God this game is here—otherwise we’d all be completely fucked.


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The camera app has been great, but I would like to give my two cents on “next update please” concerning this feature:

- Have there be a “pro” camera unlock (similar to pro designer) where you can control exposure, f stop, shutter, focus, etc. Let people get creative

- The positioning is very restrictive. I often have to first stand where I want a photo to be. Let there be more freedom of movement

- It would be cool if I could actually interact with the photos in the game vs. it essentially being a screenshot that goes to my Nintendo switch system.

- For the love of God Nintendo, give me more ways to share than just sharing on Facebook or Twitter! Let me send to my email or Nintendo account.